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Medical Evolutions 1 Inc. was established to educate the general public on becoming “empowered” in participating in their own healthcare along with their physician via the Medical Evolutions 1 Inc. Pharmacogenomic Comprehensive ME TESTThe goal is to make the ordering and utilization of the test a simple, uncomplicated yet an effective process as well as making the test economically available to most.

The Medical Evolutions Pharmacogenomic Comprehensive ME TEST™ may enhance or even save your life.

Medical Evolutions 1 Inc. Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics’ ME TEST is processed by a specialized, CAP, CLIA certified Laboratory which utilizes a stringently selected set of markers that have been recommended by the FDA as being clinically informative for selecting specific medications based on an individual’s unique profile.

The test results may help your doctor select the right medication for you from a list of closely related medications and may help your doctor to further adjust the dosage based on your results.

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Get the RIGHT dose of the RIGHT drug at the RIGHT time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pharmacogenomics (PGx)?
Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a patient’s genetic makeup contributes to a positive therapeutic result and/or adverse reactions to prescribed medications. Using pharmacogenomics, physicians can customize treatment plans that minimize adverse side effects or hazards.

Pharmacogenomics provides knowledge that helps physicians prescribe a drug regimen with a greater probability of a positive outcome.

Get the RIGHT dose of the RIGHT drug at the RIGHT time

Get the right dose of the right drug at the right time.
Instead of the standard trial-and-error method of matching patients with the right drugs, doctors will be able to analyze your genetic profile and prescribe the best available drug therapy from the beginning. Not only will this take the guesswork out of finding the right drug, it will speed recovery time and increase safety as the likelihood of adverse reactions is eliminated.
More accurate methods of determining appropriate drug dosages
Current methods of basing dosages on weight and age will be replaced with dosages based on a person’s genetics; how well the body processes the medicine and the time it takes to metabolize it. This will maximize the therapy’s value and decrease the likelihood of overdose.
What is Precision Medicine?
According to the Precision Medicine Initiative, precision medicine is “an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.” This approach will allow doctors and researchers to predict more accurately which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease will work in which groups of people. It is in contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, in which disease treatment and prevention strategies are developed for the average person, with less consideration for the differences between individuals.
How Does the Medical Evolutions Comprehensive ME Test Work?

You order the Medical Evolutions 1 Inc. Pharmacogenomic Comprehensive ME TEST™ kit on our secure website for $699.00

Your test kit will be mailed to you along with a simple form to be completed and signed by you and your physician.

Once you receive your test kit package a DNA sample is collected by you via a simple and painless cheek-swabbing technique to gather cells in about 30 seconds that contain your entire genetic makeup. Simple detailed instructions are enclosed in your test kit.

Once you have completed the test swab on yourself, place the swab in the provided pre-paid shipping return package along with the document provided completed and signed by you and your physician.

Our Specialized Molecular Lab conducts an extensive test for your genetic variations and comprehensive results are prepared for your physician.

A detailed analysis of the Test Results Report is posted on a secure online portal that will be made available to your physician approximately 7 to 10 working days after the test is received by our laboratory for your physician to review and utilize to personalize a treatment plan that will minimize risks and ensure optimal health results. Interpretation assistance of your test results report is available to your physician.

What is the Precision Medicine Initiative?
The Precision Medicine Initiative is a long-term research endeavor, involving the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and multiple other research centers, which aims to understand how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle can help determine the best approach to prevent or treat disease.
Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
According to the Institute of Medicine

There are over 2.2 million avoidable ADR Hospitalizations per year
There are over 106,000 avoidable ADR deaths per year
There are over 350,000 Nursing Home ADRs per year
What are the Chances of an ADR?
The more drugs a patient is taking, the more chance of an ADR.
Patients taking over 11 drugs have a 96% chance of an ADR.
With the knowledge gained from the Human Genome Project, researchers are learning how inherited differences in genes affect the body’s response to medications. These genetic differences will be used to predict whether a medication will be effective for a particular person and to help prevent adverse drug reactions.

Patient Empowerment
There was a time when a doctor’s word was final – his or her education and experience was considered the foundation of unquestionable wisdom. But now, patients understand they also play an important role in their health care. By advocating for themselves and getting involved in the decision-making process, they can reap numerous benefits.

There has been a solid, steady push over recent years toward patient empowerment. It’s been largely encouraged by dedicated patients and some providers who believe that health care isn’t only a right, but that people should have greater control over what happens to their own bodies.

By being involved in your own health advocacy, you not only gain a greater sense of control, but also an increased confidence over your decisions, greater medical literacy, and better treatment adherence and even better health outcomes.

A patient’s greater engagement in healthcare contributes to improved health outcomes, and information technologies can support engagement. Patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision-making process, and those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes.

Patient participation, also called shared decision-making, is a process in which both the patient and physician contribute to the medical decision-making process.

Patient empowerment is a process that helps people gain control over their own lives and increases their capacity to act on issues that they themselves define as important.”

Who should be tested?
The Medical Evolutions 1 Inc. Comprehensive Pharmacogenomic ME TEST™ is especially valuable for patients:

1.Taking 1 or more medications or about to be prescribed a new medication(s)

2.Not getting the full benefits from your medications

3.Taking Coumadin (warfarin) or Plavix (clopidogrel)

4.Having unexplainable symptoms

5.Suffered an Adverse Drug Reaction

Pharmacogenomic ME TEST™ for Children
Approximately 60% of US children currently take a prescribed medication. 300,000 pediatric patients each year may be at risk for drug toxicity or ineffective treatment.

Medication errors and biological differences in children increase the risk of adverse events (ADRs). Knowledge of pharmacogenomic (PGx) variants that impact adverse drug reactions (ADRs) risk or drug efficacy may reduce these events by informing therapeutic decision-making. The pediatric population may greatly benefit from pre-emptive PGx testing.

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